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4 Aug 2017

6 New Uses For 220 Volt Hair Dryer


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Posted By Traci S.

Did you know that a 220 volt hair dryer is not just for hairstyling? This appliance is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your home, making it a great investment that can serve many purposes in the long run. Here are six new uses for a 220 volt hair dryer that will change the way you treat your hairstyling tool:

1. Remove stubborn price tags and stickers from surfaces - Picking and peeling stickers off goods, windows, boxes, and other things can be cumbersome. They do not come off easily--especially if they have been there for a long time. Hence, you end up scratching the item to continue removing bits and pieces of paper from it, and you have to endure the sticky feeling the stickers leave on your fingers. Here's a better way to do it: Blast some hot air from the hair dryer directly onto the sticker to make removal easier. This trick works on contact and protective sticker paper and lining from shelves, too.

2. Remove crayon stains and drawings from the wall or floor-Kids tend to treat floors and walls as their canvases, but you can easily remove the crayon from these surfaces with your 220 volt hair dryer. Aim it at the wall and blast some warm air onto it, and then use a damp sponge with a small amount of dish soap to scrub gently and remove the crayon. This method is suitable for removing crayon stains from fabric-free furniture, as well as on candle wax drippings. Crayons and candles are made of wax, so heating them makes them easier to remove.

3. Warm your sheets and towel - Set the hair dryer to hot and aim it at the towel. Be sure that the dryer is a foot away from the surface, and avoid using it near water.

4. Defog your mirror - Do you always get foggy mirrors when you step out of the shower, and wiping the moisture with your hand will only cause your fingerprints to stick on the mirror's surface. Use your hair dryer to clear the haze and remove the moisture with ease. The same trick can help defrost a frozen or frosted window or lock.

5. Dry damp clothes or shoes - A 220 volt hair dryer can be handy for drying damp spots on your clothes or inside your shoes. Doing so will prevent unwanted smells and bacterial buildup on your clothing and closed footwear, too.

6. Prevent the cake from sticking on the pan - Use the hair dryer at the bottom of the pan, and then invert it to allow the cake to drop out. A 220 volt hair dryer can help set the icing on your cake quickly, too.


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