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15 Jul 2017
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What Causes Skin Tags


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Posted By Betsy P.

Known as skin tags to the general population, dermatologists refer to these bothersome things as papillomas, acrochordons, fibroepithelial polyps, pedunculated benign moles, or filoforms.

These are actually very simply referred to as an overgrowth or even called as a hyperplasia of the outer layer of your skin. They usually often occur as and when you grow older and older and very usually during your middle age. Nothing actually has been rightly proven to just like that cause them but still there are some basic conditions, like being overweight, and these are usually thought to escalate their growth. Insulin fluctuations also add up to the possible causes and one would happen to experience this usually during the pregnancy.

This overgrowth in your skin can occur on any part of your body, however skin tags most commonly appear on a person's upper chest, eyelids or in their groin region. There is no known "correct" way to prevent the occurrence of skin tags. Most find that the best and easiest thing to do is to pinch off their skin tag with their nails or cut it off with sharp, sterile scissors. After all, there is no solution for avoiding skin tags, so removal is good to avoid embarrassment. The longer a skin tag is left alone, the more aggravated it can become.

If you think that removing by yourself would hurt you or if you fear to remove it by yourself, all that you can do is that you can have a visit to the dermatologist who is close to your place and ask him to remove it.

If you wait too long to find a solution to what causes skin tags you may have to have them removed at an office visit to your dermatologist, which will of course cost you money and, quite simply, is just a bother. But if you do have them taken off they will normally either freeze them off or excise them. It's fairly painless so not much to worry about.

There are topical and internal medicines in the market for treating skin tags, but these medicines can be costly and they have a questionable percentage of effectiveness. You can spend a lot of money on these medicines and see no results, or it may take a long time for the medicine to work for you. As such, it is better to remove your skin tags yourself or have a dermatologist do it for you.

Again, do not waste your money on purchasing skin tag medicines. As we said before, the medicines are costly, not highly effective and even when effective, can take forever to work. Removing them yourself is fast, not very painful and free! If you are gentle and you cut your skin tag off with scissors or your nails quickly, you will experience little pain- and your wallet will thank you.

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By Leland S. on JUL 17 2017 @ 2:03PM

Is this the same thing as dark spots?

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