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4 Aug 2017
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How to Choose Decorative Hair Pins


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Posted By William F.

Choosing the right decorative hair pins can be challenging, but it can also be fun. There are several options available and no matter what the occasions, there are hair pins available to suit any style. Hair accessories have a variety of uses. They can be worn to jazz up a hairstyle for a special occasion or they can be functional and keep hair away from the face. They can also help a wearer create more sanitary conditions when cooking or baking. During the hot summer months, pins pull up off a person's neck, keeping them cool when temperatures soar. Hairpins also hold certain hairstyles in place when sprays and other products are not enough. There are several things to consider when choosing hair accessories for you or for someone else.

First, consider the occasion for which the decorative hair pins will be worn. There are hair accessories that are appropriate for everyday wear. In some cases, even fancier pins look nice with casual clothes. Just like a woman might add red lipgloss or a pair of high heels to an otherwise casual look, fancy hair accessories can add pop in a subtle way. If you are choosing hair accessories for functional purposes to hold it all back during activity, opt for the most casual options you can find. Simple elastic bands work well when you just want a ponytail or bun. For special occasion, choose accessories with sparkle or crystals.

It is also important to think about the age of the person wearing the pins. If you are an adult choosing decorative pins for yourself, opt for something sophisticated. Even if there is a bit of whimsy, you should avoid overdoing it. Things like light up hair accessories or accessories with feathers or cartoon characters might be too much. For children, it is best to choose pins that are inexpensive. If buying items for special occasions, choose pins with replica jewels instead of the real thing. This way if a pin falls out and is lost you will not be losing more than a few dollars.

A person's hairstyle plays a major role in the type of hair accessory they should choose. Decorative hair pins are appropriate for both long and short styles, but choosing hair pins that are large and outlandish might overpower a shorter hairstyle. Likewise, small pins might be lost in long, thick styles. You will also want to consider the texture of the hair. Some pins will not stay secure in thin, silky hair types. It is also a problem when hair pins get tangled in thick, luxurious styles. Sample a few different types of hair accessories before settling on the one you think is best, especially if you are shopping for a special occasion.

Finally, take practical matters into account when choosing decorative hair pins. You will want to consider price, the quality of the item, and how easily it is to find the item. For special occasions such as weddings or parties, you can have pins custom made to match the style of the event. This will cost a bit more, but you will get the exact look you want for your hairstyle.

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By Raquel K. on AUG 5 2017 @ 8:17AM

The best way to find good ones is to go to a store that has a lot that you can look at. Or, go online and browse that way.

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