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22 Jul 2017
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Why Men Are Choosing Male Rhinoplasty


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Posted By Ron C.

More and more men are getting their noses altered in an effort to improve their appearance. In years past, this type of plastic surgery would have been the province of women. However, given the improvements in rhinoplasty, the lure of a perfect nose has become too much for the male gender. As such, Plastic surgeons have started tailoring some of their procedures towards the male populace. But is rhinoplasty that much different between men and women?

The rhinoplasty surgical procedure is not too much different between women and men. The main difference is in how the nose is shaped and what may look aesthetically pleasing on the face. What look good on a woman may not look good on a man. The angles that the noses need to be are different as well as the forehead ridge where the brows are. Males typically have larger ridges over their eyes so small, thin, feminine looking nose will look out of place on their face.

So why are men coming in droves to rhinoplasty surgeons? The main reason that men give is to reduce the actual size of their nose. Big noses are generally abhorred since they will dominate the area of the face and therefore take away from the other more appealing features.

Men not only get nose jobs to reduce the size of the nose but also to make other cosmetic changes as well. Some of these changes may be a crooked nose that shifts to the left or right or one in which there is a uneven surface.

Another cosmetic change is typically done with the tip of the nose. Sometimes the tip will be too bulbous or turn up or down and cause a very unappealing look.

By far, the biggest changes done during a nose job is the removal of the bump in the top of the nose. These bumps, also known as dorsal humps, are easily recognizable when turned sideways and cause much embarrassment to their owners.

Rhinoplasty can solve all of these cosmetic problems along with the true restorative surgeries to repair birth defects and other deformities such as deviated septums.

One thing that men go to rhinoplasty surgeons is typically a badge of honor amongst younger men. This is the broken nose. An altercation with someone else or a very rough rugby game can leave your nose out of shape and need to be corrected by a plastic surgeon. This type of rhinoplasty surgery is the most successful in men.

If you are man and you want to change the look of your nose, consider Rhinoplasty surgery to become the new you.

Comments (3)

By Kenny O. on JUL 26 2017 @ 6:11PM

If your nose really isn't that bad, then I'd say just live with it.

By Courtney R. on JUL 25 2017 @ 6:20AM

Be careful, or you might end up with a michael jackson nose.

By Van K. on JUL 24 2017 @ 2:13PM

Boxing is a great sport, but the damage that it can do to your face is something that people should think about before they get to into it.

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