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28 Jul 2017
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How Long does Zoom Teeth Whitening Really Last?


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Posted By Courtney W.

This is a very big concern in a lot of peoples minds when it comes to the many options available now when it comes to teeth whitening. Many people don't expect a whole lot in the way of long term results from all of the over the counter at home kits, but the Zoom teeth whitening process is a reasonably large undertaking so people want to know if the results will last before making that kind of financial and time commitment.

The Zoom process is performed in a dentist office and can take upwards of ninety minutes or more to complete - patients also need a preliminary visit that includes a full examination and x-rays to ensure that their teeth are prepared for the treatment. The precursory exam must reveal that the patient has no cavities and that all previously completed dental work including caps, fillings and bonding is properly sealed. Patients that do not meet these requirements will have to have the problems remedied before they are eligible to have the Zoom procedure performed.

The initial results that are to be expected are quite astonishing - a potential for a change in tooth coloration by anywhere from six to ten shades, but potential patients want to know if these results will last before undergoing the procedure and any preliminary work that may be necessary before the treatment even takes place.

What you can Expect

The Zoom process consists of anywhere from one to three twenty minute whitening sessions in which the bleaching paste is rinsed off in between individual sessions. The teeth will get considerable whiter with each application of paste and twenty minute whitening session. The actual number of sessions depends on the results garnered with each session and the individual patients tolerance for the procedure as it goes on. Some patients with very sensitive teeth or a very strong gag reflex may not fair very well during the Zoom whitening procedure which will potentially limit the number of twenty minute sessions that they can sit through.

How Long will my Teeth stay Whiter?

This is the most important question, no one wants to go through any procedure that takes up to ninety minutes in a dentist chair if the results aren't going to last. So every potential patient wants to know the duration of the results before signing up. There are many variables that can potentially effect the duration of the results, but if you follow the after care instructions given to you by the dentist and if you use the at home touch up kit that the dentist office will send you home with after the procedure you can honestly expect a lifetime of whiter teeth.

The trick to long lasting results really lies in the after care, Zoom teeth whitening isn't some cheap, over the counter momentary solution to your stained teeth problem, its an intensive treatment designed to make your teeth whiter than they've ever been. At the first sign of any stains appearing again, you simply have to use the touch up kit provided to you after the procedure, as directed, to ensure that your teeth will remain as white as they possibly can for as long as possible once the procedure is completed.

Is it Worth it?

A ninety minute, or more, overall session in a dentist chair is a pretty big commitment - so coupled with the cost, is the Zoom teeth whitening procedure worth the time and money? The answer is - absolutely, many people struggle with confidence issues brought on in part by their less than perfect smile. Ninety minutes in the chair is a very small investment to make for the possibility of whiter teeth for a lifetime.

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By Mae P. on JUL 31 2017 @ 8:15PM

Drinking coffee will make them yellow again.

By Doreen W. on JUL 31 2017 @ 9:13AM

If you get whitening toothpaste after you get a whitening procedure, it will help to extend the amount of time that you can enjoy the benefits.

By Kayla Z. on JUL 30 2017 @ 12:16PM

Are there chemicals involved with this, and if so, are they potentially harmful?

By Joshua M. on JUL 29 2017 @ 11:03AM

I'm thinking of getting this done, just once and for all. It's just easier than to do all the little things at home constantly. Get it done, and then you don't have to think about it anymore.

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